VFW Donations Keep Troops Wired


E-mail. Chat rooms. Webcams. The world has gone tech. While more and more “get connected” each day, VFW is realizing the need to keep our bravest wired in as well.

The VFW Department of Minnesota has presented over 40 laptop computers in four years through the VFW Military Assistance Program.

“It’s fun to see the look on the Commanders’ faces when we tell them what we are giving them,” said Allen Glass, Chairman, Minnesota National Military Services, who has been instrumental in the program from the beginning.

The laptops keep troops connected with those back home in ways never imaginable in past wars. Lee Ulferts, 7th District Commander of the Minnesota VFW, understands what that connection can mean to the troops.

“One soldier told me, with tears in his eyes, that on his daughter’s first birthday, he was able to go to his unit's laptop to connect to her birthday party already in progress.

“His daughter could actually see and talk to him, and he was able to see and talk to her.”

Though communication stations exist overseas, company laptops allow troops greater access to their world back home. Troops can use them to watch movies, e-mail family and friends or even network them to play cooperative games.

“It was great to be able to offer this type of resource to my soldiers when we were all together,” said Maj. John Wisniewski, a Commander who received laptops for his infantry unit.

Technological opportunities connect troops to the world outside the battle zone, offering a chance to escape from the hardships of war for a while.

“The computers played an important role in allowing the soldiers to decompress after a long day during their down time,” said Lt. Col. Greg Thingvold.

“Our thanks and gratitude for such generous support is immeasurable.”

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