Navy Family Day Educates, Entertains


In early May, families found fun and information aplenty at the Navy Family Day in Portland, Ore.

The event, also known as Family Preparedness Day, brought to light the many benefits and resources available to Navy service members and their families. VFW Post 3452, Tualatin, Ore., received a $500 grant from VFW Military Assistance Program to cater lunch for the 400 families and friends of Navy service members.

“Our goal was to provide access to all the different programs and organizations which are always available to help the families of our service members,” explained Cmdr. Jami Mason, Navy Operational Support Center, Portland.

“The festival atmosphere and great weather allowed them to walk around at their own pace, stopping and discussing what they found most helpful.”

VFW Post 3452 was proud to host a kiosk at Navy Family Day and educate service members about the work of the VFW.

“I’m a Navy reservist retiree myself, and I know I never had someone come talk to me about the VFW, much less other programs,” said Dale Potts, member of Post 3452 and volunteer at Navy Family Day. “We often support families of veterans in our area and speak out about who we are, so Navy Family Day seemed like a natural thing for us to do.”

“These are really good guys,” said Mason. “They’re always there to put their arm around you and say ‘we’re here to help.’ Their generosity and support really helped make the day. I can’t thank VFW enough.”

The Navy and VFW plan to work together in future ventures to better serve those who serve us at sea. In addition to Navy Family Day, the two organizations have teamed up to assist returning troops at deployment briefs as well as in their post-service employment searches.

“We’re always looking to help our troops and veterans in whatever way we can, whether financially or with morale-boosting events,” concluded Potts.

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