Support Team Troy. Help America's Veterans.

Why I’m Cutting My Hair:

Most of you know me as strong safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am also an American, a USC Trojan, a Samoan, and proud supporter of veterans and military families. I am taking the pledge to cut my hair this Veterans Day, November 11th, to show my support for our veterans and raise awareness for the struggles they are facing. On this day, veterans from different branches of our military will join me in The VFW Mane Event haircutting ceremony.

My hair gets a lot of attention and by cutting it after more than ten years, it is my hope that I can help bring to light the fate of our country's veterans.

The statistics about about our veterans are truly shocking. Many of them are suffering. They are waiting for the compensation and benefits they need to feed their families … keep a roof over their head and the lights on … and receive the quality medical care they need to get back to their lives and families again. Many are even turning to suicide. Now they need our help.

This is a subject very near to  my heart. I was initially inspired to help our veterans after hearing stories of what my grandfather endured during and after WWII. From that point onwards, my wife Theodora and I have been dedicated to helping those who bravely served for our country. I hope that you will join my team so that together, we can show our veterans that we care.

About the VFW
The VFW has been around for over 110 years. In that time they have led the charge on virtually every significant piece of veterans legislation, from the GI Bill to Agent Orange compensation. Every year, the VFW helps thousands of veterans receive their VA benefits and helps struggling military families with things like paying rent and bills, buying groceries and home repairs.