SteelCity Mafia

Why Is a boss Cutting their Hair:

We are still debating on which of our Bosses will cut their hair, meanwhie we will pledge for the Veterans Day, November 11th, to show OUR Strong Presence of Mafia Member support for our veterans and raise awareness for the struggles they are facing.

 SteelCity Mafia has a strong band of support, our members all have a Veteran in their lives, the fate of our country’s veterans should matter to all of us. There’s nothing complicated about it. They are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters with families to care for. They left their jobs, their careers and their spouses and children for months—even years—on end because they made a promise to answer when their country called. Now they’re suffering. Waiting for the compensation and benefits they need to feed their families … keep a roof over their head and the lights on … and receive the quality medical care they need to get back to their lives and families again.

Please, I hope you will support Our Premier Fan Club by helping us reach our goal so that together, we can show our veterans that we care and ensure our veterans’ needs don’t fall through the cracks. Thank you for your help! SteelCity Mafia! One World, One Team, One Family!

About the VFW

The VFW has been around for over 110 years. In that time they have led the charge on virtually every significant piece of veterans legislation, from the GI Bill to Agent Orange compensation. Every year, the VFW helps thousands of veterans receive their VA benefits and helps struggling military families with things like paying rent and bills, buying groceries and home repairs.