A Forgotten Hero

Across this great nation, there are heroes next door--heroes who feel alone and forgotten ...

... the ailing WWII veteran spending his last days without a single visitor

... the Korean War veteran who believes nobody remembers the battles he fought

... the Vietnam veteran who was never thanked for his service

... the wounded Iraq war veteran wondering if her life will ever be the same

In honor of every man and woman who ever served this nation honorably, VFW is proud to offer this Tribute to a Forgotten Hero.

This Tribute honors our nation's defenders--especially those who now suffer because of their service. It reminds our troops and veterans we will never, ever forget what they've done for us.

Join us as we honor everyday Americans with extraordinary bravery... the Heroes Next Door.

Please sign the Tribute to a Forgotten Hero guestbook below. You can offer a personal note or simply sign your name in honor of America's heroes. You can also invite a friend to visit the Tribute to a Forgotten Hero by selecting the icon above.

Together we can ensure no hero is ever forgotten.

P.S. To see more heroes across the country, visit the VFW Heroes Next Door photo mosaic at http://www.vfw.org/heronextdoor

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